Monday, February 1, 2016

Average weekday afternoon of a housewife

   So by 9am Monday to Friday this is what my typical housewife day without the kids looks like.  

    Once the kids are dropped off I come back to my house and brew a good old cup of coffee.  Perhaps it may be the second.   As soon as it is ready I begin to contemplate  what is more important to get done.  Usually it is  whether to unload  and load up the dishwasher or to jump in the shower that seems desperately  needed.

   If it's the dishes than I begin unloading them while I  call one of my besties who is also a stay at home housewife and is contemplating the same things as me.     We begin our conversation  with a "hey what u doing."  Then we proceed to talk about what happened in our afternoon and evening after we had talked the day before. Our conversation is about  anything from the kids, the crazy coupon counting lady at the grocery store or what we made our husbands for dinner and if they hated it or liked it.  Then we discuss random stuff like what will make for dinner tonight and what errands are on today's agenda. 

    30 mins into the conversation  we relay to each other that we just finished all our clean up for the day and how it looked like more than what it actually was.  Once we finish the daily house crap we then decide what tedious things we can do that aren't necessary but will fill up our day.    For example  one day I spent an entire afternoon searching from store to store to find a pair of running shoes in a specific color for my youngest daughters dance solo.  No she did not need them but hey I had nothing better to do so what the hell, might as well kill some time.

   By now it's only 10am and the house is spotless and we have begun to work on ourselves.  What ever will I do for the next 5 and a half hours until I pick up the kids?  The house is cleaned, I've somewhat put my self together and dinner is half prepped already.

  Some days it's simple.  I may have a fieldtrip to attend with one of the kids or an errand that my husband has me running or a day filled with appointments.  Other days I may have a housewives lunch where once all the kids are dropped off at school we meet up to have a couple hours together while enjoying a meal out since evenings for us seem to be off limits cause we are always consumed with other things.  These are usually  my favorite because we get to just relax, enjoy or meal and have a good laugh and maybe an adult beverage or two.

   Some days it's not so simple.  Some days it's just boring as heck so I drive around doing pointless stuff and shopping for random crap I probably don't even need.  Then by noon I always call my husband just to see how his day is going and to tell him about my morning so far.

   By now it's just past noon and I'm usually  getting hungry so I decide where I am going to go grab a bite to eat.  Usually some little quant Thai or Vietnamese restaurant where you don't look crazy asking for a table for one. Which half my friends think I'm crazy for doing but honestly I love dining alone.   I grab a paper, log onto the free WiFi and order a meal.   

   Without fail my BFF is doing the same and calling me to see what I am up to.  We then discuss what we've done since we last spoke 2 hours ago.  This conversation  is usually a quick one.  Once I'm off the phone and my food arrives I eat it peacefully while checking out everyone else's business on Facebook.  For the most part it is very entertaining  aside from the 100 posts about if you share you will receive good luck or money.  These just drive me crazy.  They are the same as the old school chain letters and just as stupid.

   By now I realize I still have 2 hours before I need to head over to pick the kids up.   Generally I will go waste a whole hour cruising the isles of the grocery store only to have grabbed the 1 bag of stuff that I needed for tonight's dinner.

  Well I decide I might as well head straight over to the school early so that I can get a good parking spot close to the entrance and before the crazy all high and mighty mom gets it first. Not sure if she knows we are at war or if it's just me. Lol.  Guess she shouldn't have been such a condescending bitch that one time I asked her NOT to do a u-turn right in the kids school crossing.    

   By now it's 3pm and the kids bell is at 3:30 so...... Yep you guessed it I call my BFF and we once again discuss the past 2 hrs.   Gesh as I'm writing this I'm realizing how lame I am.  We yap for a bit then I head into the school to grab the kiddos.

   From there we either head home or to one of the billion activities they are enrolled in.  But that is a whole other blog post.  

   So there you have it.   That is a typical afternoon.  The not so fun, mundane, boring afternoons .   Now that I have got those out of the way I never want to speak of them again.  I only want to speak of the interesting and drama filled ones.  They are way more entertaining. 

   Thanks for reading.  Stay tuned for my next up coming post.   I've been working on a few and I will also get to what a typical weekday evening of a housewife looks like before I tell you all the juicy stuff so that we can right that off to.  For now I'm signing off and keeping it REAL.

  A REAL Housewife 

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