Saturday, January 30, 2016


   What defines a housewife?   Well that is definitely  not a simple question to answer but I'm gonna give it a try going based on my own experiences.   Remember this is just my opinion and may not pertain to all in a whole or part.   

   A housewife to me can either be a stay at home mom, a working mother, married or single.  She may not even have children at home anymore or may be in the process of having a family.  No matter what the case in each individual  situation is they all have something in common.   They strive to do it all for their families.  

   If a housewife had to write a resume just based on what they do everyday, any CEO would be impressed.  They can manage time, multi-task, work under pressure, de-stress  any situation, they are accountants, personal chauffeurs, chefs and caterers, doctors, tailors, event planners, psychologists, bouncers, negotiators, and much much more.   Being a housewife has so many elements to it that not one thing can define it.   It is a privilege and a nightmare at times but hey no pain no gain.  We take each day as it comes, with the  good , the bad and the oh so aweful I need a drink right now days.  

   There is no handbook to tell you how to do it and any book that claims to is just a crock of shit.   And now a days you also have everyone and their neighbours aunties opinion on how you should do things.   It drives me bonkers and 99% of the time all those opinions up against each other contradict one another.  For example some ppl may say that you must not have a job in order to be considered a housewife because then she is not 100% focused on her family.  Well I have an unnamed friend who not only does all the same things I do as a stay at home mom for her kids, husband and herself but also runs a small business out of her home that keeps her very busy.   Not sure how she does it cause personally I think I would go nuts , but just because she works doesn't make her any less of a housewife. She still breaks her back just like every other housewife.  

   So basically each and every housewife is not 100% alike but each and everyone is unique.   Although I'm sure you can agree not all are authentic.  I hate nothing more then that mother who thinks that her way is the only right way and every other mother is doing it wrong.  You know that one I'm talking about who when you tell her your crazy story of the day she just gives you that look with her top lip curled up as u speak and then interrupts you to tell you how she has dealt with that situation before and basically tells you that u should not do it the way u did and that u should've done it her exact way because that's what a book told her to do.  Snore.   Give me a break.  Like screw off all ready.  Take your book and shove it.    And she always has to one up the other moms whether it be with bringing in those perfect little cupcakes with the handmade sugar flowers wrapped in the school logo sprinkled with fairy dust after you tell her you are bringing Rice Krispy  squares.   Haha.  You know that one that  everything has always got to be a degree better than everyone else.   Jokes on her.  Lol she just wasted a whole day baking them and all i did was spend 2 minutes in isle 3 and the check out line. Be authentic to who you are and how you want to do things.  Never let that judgy weirdo fake mom tell you otherwise or make you feel like you are doing anything wrong.    Don't worry about what the other housewives are gonna say and yah we all know they all gossip, how else would we get any real life adult entertainment. 

   OK so now that I have rambled on a about whatever popped into my scattered housewife brain at the moment I will just conclude with this to answer my original question.   You can not define a housewife it's just way to complex.
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A REAL Housewife 

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