Saturday, April 9, 2016

MIA due to family issues.

Sorry I have not been on here lately and wrote but I have been dealing with some personal issues in my family.   Aside from my typical everyday craziness we have added a few new thing to our family and not all so good.

   My youngest daughter a few weeks ago awoke me from my sleep making weird noises and when I turned on the light I realized she was in the middle of having a seizure.

   In the past 3 weeks she has had three that we have been able to document.

   This is a very difficult and scary situation that we are having to deal with.  We have had an urgent referral put into a pediatric neurologist due to the nature of the episodes.
    Until we have this situation dealt with and under control I will be MIA considering I have much bigger priorities.

   Thank you for understanding.    I will definitely  be back but just not for the time being.   For now just must say, ttyl.