Friday, January 29, 2016


   So I will be the first to say that I am completely guilty of watching those reality shows that glamorize being a housewife.  You know which ones I'm talking about!   The ones where the mothers all wake up with perfect hair, perfect makeup and dressed like they are going to an awards ceremony.   Their house never has anything out of place and their families kids are perfect little angels  and oh yes don't forget about all the luxuries like a cook, a nanny, a driver, and heck even some have an assistant but yet they do not work out of the home and have decided to stay with their children.  I am here to set the record straight.  

   There isn't anything REAL about those housewives and being a housewife is nothing like that.......  Welcome to the REAL "real housewife Diaries.  I am a married mother of 4 kid.  2 boys and 2 girls ranging in age from 6 yrs to 15 yrs and boy let me tell you my life is nothing like that.  I wake up with messy hair every morning and half my make up smeared down my face from the day before (if I had a chance to wear it that day).  I hit snooze 4 times while telling my kids to hurry up and get dressed for school while I try to get a few more minutes of sleep and once they are ready I grab the clothes next to my bed on the floor and quickly rush down to feed them, make a quick half hearted lunch and head out the door all while yelling how we are going to be late and they should hurry it up even though I am the one who hit snooze 4 times.   I drive them to school trying not to yell at every other driver on the rush hour road who is in MY way and making me more late.   We arrive at school and I get them out of the car just as the 1st bell is ringing but hey at  least the 2nd bell hasn't gone yet.  I then head home to start my housewife day without the kids which does not include hanging out with my other housewife friends drinking fine champagne and  eating caviar dressed in a $5000 outfit that I will only ever wear once while my maids do my laundry and run my errands and a gourmet chef prepares my families dinner for the evening.   Oh no no.  Instead I make a cup of coffee and contemplate whether or not to start on the dishes from the night before or to have a much needed shower that somehow has slipped me by for the past couple of days.  That is the jest of my mornings and hey its only 9am by this point.......

   I am not saying that I don't like nice things and don't like to get all dolled up but there is real reality in the way that I  and many other housewives do things and live our lives as average housewives.   I wouldn't be keeping it real if I said otherwise.

    So if you are a REAL real  housewife with REAL real housewife days then stay tuned for some real stories, topics, trials, tribulations and much more if not you can head back to the tube and watch something that is completely fabricated, glamorized and unreletable.  

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A REAL Housewife


  1. Sweet! I don't watch alittle here and there...simply because I can't stand reality tv and almost everything else. I can spend hours reading though and look forward to your blog. Rock on and stay real. "]

    1. I am glad you enjoyed and I will always be keeping it REAL