Saturday, January 30, 2016


   So you may ask why? Why another blog about being  a mom or a wife.  It's simple.  All the blogs I've read out there seem so sugar coated and mundane. Or they talk about how hard it is to change a diaper.   BORING!  I don't want to read about that stuff, it's not interesting but when you watch those crazy shows where everything is glamorized and you realize hey life isn't really like that but yet a watered down version u being to realize how being a housewife is pretty cool.  And being a housewife isn't just about being a mom or being a wife, we are actual woman with actual lives as well and there is nothing mundane about it, trust me!!!  Our lives are filled with daily routines, ups and downs, drama and everything in between. 

  Sometimes as I sit around at one of my daughters dance studios with all the other housewives I realize that our lives are somewhat of a soap opera and to be honest it is entertaining so why not share it with all the other housewives who need a little entertainment in their lives and can relate.   Stay tuned for my next blog on What defines a Housewife.
A REAL Housewife

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