Monday, February 29, 2016

Got lots on my brain.

   Haven't had a chance to write lately as I have been dealing with chronic migraines.  But in that time a lot has happened in my day to day housewife life.

   There's a few things I'd like to write about but they are on total opposite spectrums of the board so I will have to devide them into different posts.

   With that being said I am going to try and get them out this week.   I have topics about school bullying, when to stop hovering and let your teen figure it out on their own and a few other things on my brain.

   Once again thanks for following and keep on keeping it REAL!!   Can't wait to write all my jumbled brain thoughts down for you to read and hopefully in way you will be able to relate.

   A REAL Housewife.

Friday, February 19, 2016


Happy weekend everyone!  Just wanted to say thanks for reading my blog.  I have hit just over 1000 views!   Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.  We've got a full weekend of dance classes and workshops, so I will see you Monday!!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Still got high school drama and I'm an adult!!

   Every time I am around a big group of woman like at school or the kids activities, I think to myself WTF.   The way woman gossip and talk to each other is the same as my high school sons friends.  In reality the drama is no different than what you see on TV between those housewives lol.

   I thought once you left high school that you left all that drama and bullshit behind but that is clearly not the case.   There have been countless times where I hear other moms trashing each other behind their backs or contradicting themselves.

   For instance there is a Mother I know that is good friends outside of the kids activities with another mother that acts all concerned for her but as soon as she is gone BOOM now she starts contradicting herself and bashing the other one.

   And holy cow the judgments that come out of some of these mommy mouths is shocking.   "Hi, you look so great today....   omg did you see her she looks like shit today" Kinda stuff.    And then the predictions of what could be the problem as to why they look like shit are so random and dramatic.

   I have had my fair share of adult high school drama.  I had what I thought was a very good and close friend for years until one day she was caught bashing me with a family member.  I was so hurt and pissed so I confronted her.   She blanently made up lies.

   On one hand she was a great friend to me.  We would talk frequently about everything and confided  in each other .  She even asked me to be her Maid of Honor.   So i assumed we were solid bff's.  But behind my back she was speaking lies and telling my secrets to a family member who did not care for me to much just so she could gain approval from that person.

   Once she was caught and confronted she did not take responsibility  but rather she told even larger lies to try to discredit my concerns even more.    I was infuriated.   I hate nothing more than being told I have done something that I know clearly I did not do.

   I'm not sure what hurt more,  the fact that I now had to grieve what I thought was a true friend or the fact that she had been so deceptive and that people actually bought her bullshit.

   It has been over 6 years since this happened and to this day I am still disgusted that an adult woman could be this way and purposely  deface and devalue another human being for personal gain.

   I could go on and on with the stories of what I see and hear coming from grown ass woman but instead I want to hear your stories so please share.   You can anonymously comment below about what high school type bullshit you have had to deal with even though high-school ended decades ago because hey those mean bitches didn't just grow out of it.   They are still lerking in the corners.  

   A REAL Housewife

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I'm back!!!

   It's been just over a week since I've wrote anything here thanks to a horrible stomach flu that disrupted everything in my household.

   Sorry to all my readers but I promise I will be back on board soon.   I'm just finally getting my day to day stuff back in order.  You know what it is like when the whole house is sick for a week.

   The dishes start piling up, the piles of laundry turn to mountains and everything has been forgotten about.   I am now just finally getting things done and getting the kids caught up on the school work they missed.    Stay tuned.  I promise you won't be disappointed!!

   A REAL Housewife

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Crap I've got the kids flu.

   Well I thought the flu was out of the house but boy was I wrong.   I am feverish and aching from head to toe.  I dropped the kids off at school in the a.m. and slept the entire day till I had to pick them up again.

   I cancelled their activities for the evening cause there is no way I am sitting around anywhere feeling like this.  Unfortunately I hadn't gotten around to picking up valentine's day cards for their classes today so I had no choice but to stop down the street at Walmart and grab them. Considering  they need them for tomorrow, I had no choice.

   Needless to say I was in and out fairly quickly.  I looked at the kids and said "these are the ones we are getting now let's go," all while trying not to faint or barf.    There definitely will not be any snacks brought in tomorrow.   All they are getting from me is tiny little paper cards.

  Anyhow, that's all I've got since I did nothing but sleep all day and am about to head back to la la land again.  Goodnight.

   A REAL Housewife

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The flu has left the building

   Phew.  We got through the flu.  It wrecked complete havic on the house but we got through it.  Still crossing fingers that us who didn't get it, don't!

   I've literally disinfected  every light switch, toilet handle and door nob, just to try and avoid the continuation  of it spreading any further through the house.  So here's hoping!

   Anyhow, now that things are back in order, I can have a little me time and come up with something to interest you.  If you have any ideas on what housewifely  topics you would like to hear about.  Whether good, bad, or holy crap are you for real, please leave a comment.  Thanks!!!

   A REAL Housewife

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Late night with a sick kid

   Last night I went to bed around midnight.   I did my usual thing.  Got into bed, turned on my laptop, opened a movie and put my headphones on.   About 20 mins later I thought I heard foot steps in the hallway so I took my earphones out and didn't here it anymore.  Another 5 mins goes by and I hear it again

   I decided I had better get out of bed and go check it out.   To my surprise there was my son standing in his door way.   There was puke all over the carpet.   I ran out to him and realized there was puke not only on the white carpets but all over 3 doors, his bed, the walls, every inch of the bathroom and of course himself.

   I quickly got him into the bathroom and into the shower to get it off of him first before I was going to tackle all of the other stuff.   He continued to vomit all over the shower.  Yuck.

    Once he was all cleaned up I wrapped him up in a towel and cleaned and disinfected the entire bathroom and made him a bed by the tub and toilet to lay down beside while I cleaned the other trails around the house.

   I continued on cleaning for over 1 hour while running back and forth rubbing his back.   You can not even imagine how hard it is to get reddish/orange vomit out of white carpet.  I could not stop thinking about how gross it was and how this totally sucked at 2 am in the morning, but also how bad I felt for my little guy.

   Once it was all cleaned up and the walls were bare again I made a little bed by the bathroom door so that I could be right on hand for my son who was having everything out of both ends randomly come out without warning .

   I continued a 5 min sleep and wake up to him routine for the next 3 hours .   Then it subsided enough where I think I had 30 mins of sleep at a time.

   The school alarm went off  but of course I wasn't going to even be able to drive anyone to school with him having no bodily fluid control.   When you are a stay at home mom who does all these things, that's what happens.  When one thing gets thrown off track it all goes to shit.

   So needless to say no one went to school today, I am exhausted and I still have 8 blankets to wash.  It was a long night and morning but we made it through and it seems to have only been a 12 hour flu thus far as my son is already looking and feeling better which is great because now I have to run my daughter to a dance solo class.   FML.   IT never ends.

   A REAL Housewife

Monday, February 8, 2016

Teenagers Suck

   Let's be honest here and keep it REAL. 
Teenagers suck!   I have a 15 year old who drives me nuts.  He thinks he knows it all, and loves to argue.  Half the time I can't stand him and he makes me feel like I'm going to explode.

   I know your supposed to always be there for your kids but  when all they do is push your buttons and tell you they don't need your help or opinion what are you supposed to do.  Even though you want to slap them at times you can't lol. 

   And now a days they seem to blow everything up.  Like if you tell them that their school grades and attendance are crap and they should be doing way better cause you know they can, and all of a sudden they turn it into my mom thinks Im stupid and now I feel like nobody thinks I'm good enough.  Wah Wah Wah. 
  Are you kidding me.   As a parent you should be able to give your kid crap when their grades suck without worrying about them making you feel like you hate them or that you are psychologically damaging them.

     When I was a kid and I came home with a bad grade the only thing I thought about was how much crap I was going to get in to and how if I didn't get it together it's gonna make it worse.  I didn't spiral into this emu state of psychosis.

   Now a days teenagers aren't scared of their parents and they love to turn it around on you.   They seem to have this way of making it all your fault. For example I've been told that if I hadn't given them crap in the morning for something they did wrong then they wouldn't have got a shitty mark that day in class.  Are you kidding me?   The nerve!!!

   So let me get this straight.  You left your dishes on the table, I tell you that your old enough to put them away without being told and so you went to school and we're so torn up about this that you failed your test.   Come on now.   Just admit you didnt study hard enough and because of that you got a bad grade! Take some responsibility for your own actions!!! 

   And they walk around huffing and puffing about everything from having to actually take part in responsibilities to taking part in things as a family. And they seem to think everyone owes them something.   Like get real, you are a teenager still and haven't lived life enough to think that the world owes you something..  

   I don't know if it's hormones, society, peers or just this generation but what I do know is that teenagers suck!!!!

  If all teenagers are like mine I am worried for our future lol.   The future generation is filled with soon to be adults that can't take constructive criticism and are heading into adulthood already feeling they are owed for something they haven't worked for.  Yikes!

  Thanks for reading about the sucky teenager and good luck  to all of you that are housing them.   I hope through these years you are able to keep your sanity intact!

   A  REAL Housewife 

My kid lost now what?

   So over the weekend my youngest daughter had a competition.   She usually  does amazing and always places 1st and also receives the highest achievement type of awards.   This time she did not and it wasn't that much of a surprise to me.  And now I am racking my brain trying to figure out what I could have done better as well.

   I'm not that mom who always thinks their kids did better than everyone.  I'm not afraid to admit when my kid kind of sucked lol.    Although I don't tell them that.  

   Anyhow so after leaving the competition she was super disappointed in herself and completely distraught.   I wasn't sure how to handle it.   I told her the typical stuff like, you can't always win, and as long as you had fun that's all that matters.   But in my head I saying much different things.   I wanted to tell her the reasons why she lost.   The fact that she looked bored when on stage with low energy and was very repetitive I knew right away she was not going to rank high.

   I also wanted to critic her on everything she did not do that she normally does, and how if she had listened to me instead of saying "yes mom I know what to do, I've done this before, I don't need you to remind me.

   I could not do this however because she was already coming down on herself and I didn't want to make it worse.   So I just cushioned everything and lied to her and told her that she did amazing when personally I know she did not.  I was trying to also hold back my disappointment and not show it.  My disappointment from how hard I worked on getting her ready for this and prepping her only to have it all turn to mush.

   Once she calmed down I told her that maybe we will try a different approach to things next time and revamp her whole routine.

    So here I am this morning wondering to myself if cushioning things is a good idea or bad.   Wondering if I should have just been straight forward and said "yah you didnt listen to me and this is why you lost and didn't have an amazing competition."   Should I have just been blunt and told her that her performance lacked substance and let her know my critics on her routine so that she may improve those things?

    I don't want to be like those crazy dance/pageant mom's on TV that are yelling at their kid telling them that they didnt win because of the way they did things, but I also don't want to not have her improve on her stuff and learn from her mistakes.

   This is a tough one.   If you have any suggestions or stories that may help solve this mystery  I'd love to hear from you.  You can either send me an email or comment below.   Thanks for listening.

   A REAL Housewife

Friday, February 5, 2016

My morning thoughts

   It's Friday morning and I'm sitting here aggressively drinking my 2nd cup of coffee when I realize we have a never ending weekend of activities  and competitions.  Then I begin to think about all that I have to do to prepare for all this weekend chaos.

   I start to get a little panicky with a dash of anxiety.  What all do I need to get done, am I going to remember what all needs to get packed up, I hope I don't forget anything.  Then I think back and try to remind myself of every other weekend like this and how it all goes off without a hiccup and how I panicked about that too.

    Is it just me that creates this anxiety and panic over nothing or is it something that all housewives do before a big weekend?  Worrying about things that always end up just right.  Continuously going over every tiny detail in my head until it drives me crazy.  Realizing after the fact that you have put yourself into a state of panic for no reason days before the events.

   I'm not sure but it feels like for me I just want everything to be perfect.  Not for me so much but for my kids.   I always want things to go smoothly for them.  I'm not sure if this is a good or a bad for them.

   When they are all grown up and having to do these things on their own and start to see how much goes into things and how many hiccups there are along the way, will they be able to cope? Or have I created this perfect cushy bubble for them and they think that everything is easy?


   A REAL Housewife

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Who says you have to wait till Friday night!

My evening tidbit for tonight.   Remember to give yourself a little too.

Why even bother Grounding your kids.

   Well let me tell you.  It's not even 9am in my house and my blood is boiling already.  I hadn't even begun to to back up out of my garage this morning to drop the kids off at school when already they began arguing and tattle taleing on each other.

   It started with me telling them that after school they were going to clean up the back of my car because they just kept leaving stuff back there.   I let them know that I wanted all the garbage cleaned out.  Well of course my 6 year old daughter picks up my 8 year old sons piano books and looks at him with a smug face and says to him "yah ALL this garbage."

   Of course he starts yelling at her telling her not to call his stuff garbage.  So I tried to put the flame out but then all I got was a back and forth he said she said response.

   That's it I've had enough and I snapped.   They probably couldn't even understand a damn thing I was screaming at them about.   I told them I had enough and that after school for the next 2 days they were grounded from all tech.  I also let them know if they continued and didn't like this that they knew where the suitcases were.

   Needless to say after all that I had unleashed on them, I did not hear a peep from them the entire drive to school.  When they got out of the car they grabbed their bags gave me a bye mom love you and off they went.

   The whole drive home after this, I began to fester and contemplate  in my own head how well Grounding the kids really is and what does it actually do.

    I don't know if you have ever grounded your kids before but I sure have and It either goes one of two ways.  Either they sit around whining and driving you nuts with "I don't have anything to do"  while you are clearly regretting  Grounding them in the first place or,  they find something else productive to do but it usually involves more of your time that you  barely have so you give in and give them their tech back so you can get back to what you have to do.

   And the outcome  from the Grounding is generally  the same.   It does NOT correct the matter in which they were grounded for.   I have yet to see my kids get grounded for fighting with each other and never fight again.  So really what the hell is the point of Grounding if it does not correct anything, it causes more work for you and just causes other issues.

   I am not sure whoever came up with Grounding in the first place but they should have seriously looked at its affects and outcomes a little closer.  They do not learn anything from it.  Wish me luck, it's going to be a long 2 days of nothing with no end result...

   A REAL Housewife


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A little evening tidbit!

Seen this on my Facebook feeds and thought it was fitting!

Reasons I chose to be a housewife

   I did not grow up as a little girl dreaming about one day getting married, having a gazillion children and living in a house with rose gardens.  I actually thought girls like that were weird.   Now look at me.

   I chose to be a housewife and stay home with my children first of all because my husband works very hard and we are afforded that privilege.  And second of all I never wanted to not be able to be there for my kids.

    Like when one of my kids calls me from school and isn't feeling great, I never wanted to tell them that I couldn't leave work to come get them.  Also I always wanted to attend their fieldtrips, school functions and all their other activities.

   I feel and hope that when they are all grown up that they look back and see that I never missed a recital, a game or anything else that may be important to them.  And that they realize that all those things were important to me and that I was always there for them.

   I want to be there for their bumps and bruises while learning to walk through life, their ups and downs and in betweens, (and we know there is a ton of those), for their first kiss, their first break up and all those other crazy journeys that childhood leads them on.

   That all being said, I had better sign off for now.  Heading to decorate Ukrainian  eggs with my 8 year old sons class.

  Please comment below.  I'd love to know why you chose to be a housewife.

  A REAL Housewife  



   Ok so only a few days into my blog and I've already reached over 600 views in 6 different countries.  For a housewife to even get a single person to listen on a good day is an accomplishment.  You know exactly what I mean.   Usually the words that come out of my mouth are interrupted with a "mom he did this to me and then a she did it first".  Or better yet, I get an uh huh or an ughhh.  

   So for me to actually know or at least for a split second to think that my words are being heard and not just talked over, I am a happy and proud housewife of myself.   And as a housewife that is a hard thing to do since we are always so busy being proud of our husbands and children. 

   And for that I just want to say thank you to all those reading and please continue to read.  And as long as you are reading I've got wheels up top thinking, listening  and ready to share. 

   A REAL Housewife

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Stigma of a housewife.

   There is a sort of Stigma about housewives.  Either they are stuck up high maintenance snobs or are lazy and that they all have it easy. That is it and that is all.  There is no in between.  Well that's a load of garbage. 

   I'm not gonna lie, I can definitely be one of those high maintenance housewives at times and i have those little things in my life that just have to perfect . Hey, don't judge me, you know you like to look good and feel good too, plus who doesn't like nice things.  

    I like to have my hair colored, dress in nice clothing, drive an imported vehicle, have my make up just perfect when meeting my girlfriends for lunch and I may or may not like to have a few little designer things such as handbags and shoes in my collection.  Oh yes and I absolutely  can not stay in a hotel with floral bedding.   It totally creeps me out.  Not sure where that quark came from.   I also like the rest of my family to be nicely presentable when we are out and about.  There is no excuse for you and your children to be in a restaurant or out at the supermarket in your pajamas.  That's just lazy and sloppy unless your child is a new baby and wearing a sleeper.

   Do these things make me a houtie toutie snob?  I don't think so.  I still stay humble and true to my self.  And even though some people may judge by basing things on what my families appearance is, let me assure you,  I not only teach my children to be presentable I teach them to respect others no matter their situation or what walk through life they may be going through.

   And lazy I am not.  I am anything but.  From the time I wake till the time I sleep I do not stop.  Even on those days I don't have a ton of things to do I still find ways to stay busy as you know. 

   My only down time is once the kids have gone to bed and I have finished making lunches for the kids and my husband for the next day then I will watch a little bit of television  to try and get my mind calmed as it is like a never ending wheel continuously turning.

   Thanks for reading and stay tuned. Remember to keep it REAL.


   A REAL Housewife 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Average weekday afternoon of a housewife

   So by 9am Monday to Friday this is what my typical housewife day without the kids looks like.  

    Once the kids are dropped off I come back to my house and brew a good old cup of coffee.  Perhaps it may be the second.   As soon as it is ready I begin to contemplate  what is more important to get done.  Usually it is  whether to unload  and load up the dishwasher or to jump in the shower that seems desperately  needed.

   If it's the dishes than I begin unloading them while I  call one of my besties who is also a stay at home housewife and is contemplating the same things as me.     We begin our conversation  with a "hey what u doing."  Then we proceed to talk about what happened in our afternoon and evening after we had talked the day before. Our conversation is about  anything from the kids, the crazy coupon counting lady at the grocery store or what we made our husbands for dinner and if they hated it or liked it.  Then we discuss random stuff like what will make for dinner tonight and what errands are on today's agenda. 

    30 mins into the conversation  we relay to each other that we just finished all our clean up for the day and how it looked like more than what it actually was.  Once we finish the daily house crap we then decide what tedious things we can do that aren't necessary but will fill up our day.    For example  one day I spent an entire afternoon searching from store to store to find a pair of running shoes in a specific color for my youngest daughters dance solo.  No she did not need them but hey I had nothing better to do so what the hell, might as well kill some time.

   By now it's only 10am and the house is spotless and we have begun to work on ourselves.  What ever will I do for the next 5 and a half hours until I pick up the kids?  The house is cleaned, I've somewhat put my self together and dinner is half prepped already.

  Some days it's simple.  I may have a fieldtrip to attend with one of the kids or an errand that my husband has me running or a day filled with appointments.  Other days I may have a housewives lunch where once all the kids are dropped off at school we meet up to have a couple hours together while enjoying a meal out since evenings for us seem to be off limits cause we are always consumed with other things.  These are usually  my favorite because we get to just relax, enjoy or meal and have a good laugh and maybe an adult beverage or two.

   Some days it's not so simple.  Some days it's just boring as heck so I drive around doing pointless stuff and shopping for random crap I probably don't even need.  Then by noon I always call my husband just to see how his day is going and to tell him about my morning so far.

   By now it's just past noon and I'm usually  getting hungry so I decide where I am going to go grab a bite to eat.  Usually some little quant Thai or Vietnamese restaurant where you don't look crazy asking for a table for one. Which half my friends think I'm crazy for doing but honestly I love dining alone.   I grab a paper, log onto the free WiFi and order a meal.   

   Without fail my BFF is doing the same and calling me to see what I am up to.  We then discuss what we've done since we last spoke 2 hours ago.  This conversation  is usually a quick one.  Once I'm off the phone and my food arrives I eat it peacefully while checking out everyone else's business on Facebook.  For the most part it is very entertaining  aside from the 100 posts about if you share you will receive good luck or money.  These just drive me crazy.  They are the same as the old school chain letters and just as stupid.

   By now I realize I still have 2 hours before I need to head over to pick the kids up.   Generally I will go waste a whole hour cruising the isles of the grocery store only to have grabbed the 1 bag of stuff that I needed for tonight's dinner.

  Well I decide I might as well head straight over to the school early so that I can get a good parking spot close to the entrance and before the crazy all high and mighty mom gets it first. Not sure if she knows we are at war or if it's just me. Lol.  Guess she shouldn't have been such a condescending bitch that one time I asked her NOT to do a u-turn right in the kids school crossing.    

   By now it's 3pm and the kids bell is at 3:30 so...... Yep you guessed it I call my BFF and we once again discuss the past 2 hrs.   Gesh as I'm writing this I'm realizing how lame I am.  We yap for a bit then I head into the school to grab the kiddos.

   From there we either head home or to one of the billion activities they are enrolled in.  But that is a whole other blog post.  

   So there you have it.   That is a typical afternoon.  The not so fun, mundane, boring afternoons .   Now that I have got those out of the way I never want to speak of them again.  I only want to speak of the interesting and drama filled ones.  They are way more entertaining. 

   Thanks for reading.  Stay tuned for my next up coming post.   I've been working on a few and I will also get to what a typical weekday evening of a housewife looks like before I tell you all the juicy stuff so that we can right that off to.  For now I'm signing off and keeping it REAL.

  A REAL Housewife