Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Late night with a sick kid

   Last night I went to bed around midnight.   I did my usual thing.  Got into bed, turned on my laptop, opened a movie and put my headphones on.   About 20 mins later I thought I heard foot steps in the hallway so I took my earphones out and didn't here it anymore.  Another 5 mins goes by and I hear it again

   I decided I had better get out of bed and go check it out.   To my surprise there was my son standing in his door way.   There was puke all over the carpet.   I ran out to him and realized there was puke not only on the white carpets but all over 3 doors, his bed, the walls, every inch of the bathroom and of course himself.

   I quickly got him into the bathroom and into the shower to get it off of him first before I was going to tackle all of the other stuff.   He continued to vomit all over the shower.  Yuck.

    Once he was all cleaned up I wrapped him up in a towel and cleaned and disinfected the entire bathroom and made him a bed by the tub and toilet to lay down beside while I cleaned the other trails around the house.

   I continued on cleaning for over 1 hour while running back and forth rubbing his back.   You can not even imagine how hard it is to get reddish/orange vomit out of white carpet.  I could not stop thinking about how gross it was and how this totally sucked at 2 am in the morning, but also how bad I felt for my little guy.

   Once it was all cleaned up and the walls were bare again I made a little bed by the bathroom door so that I could be right on hand for my son who was having everything out of both ends randomly come out without warning .

   I continued a 5 min sleep and wake up to him routine for the next 3 hours .   Then it subsided enough where I think I had 30 mins of sleep at a time.

   The school alarm went off  but of course I wasn't going to even be able to drive anyone to school with him having no bodily fluid control.   When you are a stay at home mom who does all these things, that's what happens.  When one thing gets thrown off track it all goes to shit.

   So needless to say no one went to school today, I am exhausted and I still have 8 blankets to wash.  It was a long night and morning but we made it through and it seems to have only been a 12 hour flu thus far as my son is already looking and feeling better which is great because now I have to run my daughter to a dance solo class.   FML.   IT never ends.

   A REAL Housewife

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