Thursday, February 18, 2016

Still got high school drama and I'm an adult!!

   Every time I am around a big group of woman like at school or the kids activities, I think to myself WTF.   The way woman gossip and talk to each other is the same as my high school sons friends.  In reality the drama is no different than what you see on TV between those housewives lol.

   I thought once you left high school that you left all that drama and bullshit behind but that is clearly not the case.   There have been countless times where I hear other moms trashing each other behind their backs or contradicting themselves.

   For instance there is a Mother I know that is good friends outside of the kids activities with another mother that acts all concerned for her but as soon as she is gone BOOM now she starts contradicting herself and bashing the other one.

   And holy cow the judgments that come out of some of these mommy mouths is shocking.   "Hi, you look so great today....   omg did you see her she looks like shit today" Kinda stuff.    And then the predictions of what could be the problem as to why they look like shit are so random and dramatic.

   I have had my fair share of adult high school drama.  I had what I thought was a very good and close friend for years until one day she was caught bashing me with a family member.  I was so hurt and pissed so I confronted her.   She blanently made up lies.

   On one hand she was a great friend to me.  We would talk frequently about everything and confided  in each other .  She even asked me to be her Maid of Honor.   So i assumed we were solid bff's.  But behind my back she was speaking lies and telling my secrets to a family member who did not care for me to much just so she could gain approval from that person.

   Once she was caught and confronted she did not take responsibility  but rather she told even larger lies to try to discredit my concerns even more.    I was infuriated.   I hate nothing more than being told I have done something that I know clearly I did not do.

   I'm not sure what hurt more,  the fact that I now had to grieve what I thought was a true friend or the fact that she had been so deceptive and that people actually bought her bullshit.

   It has been over 6 years since this happened and to this day I am still disgusted that an adult woman could be this way and purposely  deface and devalue another human being for personal gain.

   I could go on and on with the stories of what I see and hear coming from grown ass woman but instead I want to hear your stories so please share.   You can anonymously comment below about what high school type bullshit you have had to deal with even though high-school ended decades ago because hey those mean bitches didn't just grow out of it.   They are still lerking in the corners.  

   A REAL Housewife

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