Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Stigma of a housewife.

   There is a sort of Stigma about housewives.  Either they are stuck up high maintenance snobs or are lazy and that they all have it easy. That is it and that is all.  There is no in between.  Well that's a load of garbage. 

   I'm not gonna lie, I can definitely be one of those high maintenance housewives at times and i have those little things in my life that just have to perfect . Hey, don't judge me, you know you like to look good and feel good too, plus who doesn't like nice things.  

    I like to have my hair colored, dress in nice clothing, drive an imported vehicle, have my make up just perfect when meeting my girlfriends for lunch and I may or may not like to have a few little designer things such as handbags and shoes in my collection.  Oh yes and I absolutely  can not stay in a hotel with floral bedding.   It totally creeps me out.  Not sure where that quark came from.   I also like the rest of my family to be nicely presentable when we are out and about.  There is no excuse for you and your children to be in a restaurant or out at the supermarket in your pajamas.  That's just lazy and sloppy unless your child is a new baby and wearing a sleeper.

   Do these things make me a houtie toutie snob?  I don't think so.  I still stay humble and true to my self.  And even though some people may judge by basing things on what my families appearance is, let me assure you,  I not only teach my children to be presentable I teach them to respect others no matter their situation or what walk through life they may be going through.

   And lazy I am not.  I am anything but.  From the time I wake till the time I sleep I do not stop.  Even on those days I don't have a ton of things to do I still find ways to stay busy as you know. 

   My only down time is once the kids have gone to bed and I have finished making lunches for the kids and my husband for the next day then I will watch a little bit of television  to try and get my mind calmed as it is like a never ending wheel continuously turning.

   Thanks for reading and stay tuned. Remember to keep it REAL.


   A REAL Housewife 

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