Friday, February 5, 2016

My morning thoughts

   It's Friday morning and I'm sitting here aggressively drinking my 2nd cup of coffee when I realize we have a never ending weekend of activities  and competitions.  Then I begin to think about all that I have to do to prepare for all this weekend chaos.

   I start to get a little panicky with a dash of anxiety.  What all do I need to get done, am I going to remember what all needs to get packed up, I hope I don't forget anything.  Then I think back and try to remind myself of every other weekend like this and how it all goes off without a hiccup and how I panicked about that too.

    Is it just me that creates this anxiety and panic over nothing or is it something that all housewives do before a big weekend?  Worrying about things that always end up just right.  Continuously going over every tiny detail in my head until it drives me crazy.  Realizing after the fact that you have put yourself into a state of panic for no reason days before the events.

   I'm not sure but it feels like for me I just want everything to be perfect.  Not for me so much but for my kids.   I always want things to go smoothly for them.  I'm not sure if this is a good or a bad for them.

   When they are all grown up and having to do these things on their own and start to see how much goes into things and how many hiccups there are along the way, will they be able to cope? Or have I created this perfect cushy bubble for them and they think that everything is easy?


   A REAL Housewife

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