Monday, February 8, 2016

Teenagers Suck

   Let's be honest here and keep it REAL. 
Teenagers suck!   I have a 15 year old who drives me nuts.  He thinks he knows it all, and loves to argue.  Half the time I can't stand him and he makes me feel like I'm going to explode.

   I know your supposed to always be there for your kids but  when all they do is push your buttons and tell you they don't need your help or opinion what are you supposed to do.  Even though you want to slap them at times you can't lol. 

   And now a days they seem to blow everything up.  Like if you tell them that their school grades and attendance are crap and they should be doing way better cause you know they can, and all of a sudden they turn it into my mom thinks Im stupid and now I feel like nobody thinks I'm good enough.  Wah Wah Wah. 
  Are you kidding me.   As a parent you should be able to give your kid crap when their grades suck without worrying about them making you feel like you hate them or that you are psychologically damaging them.

     When I was a kid and I came home with a bad grade the only thing I thought about was how much crap I was going to get in to and how if I didn't get it together it's gonna make it worse.  I didn't spiral into this emu state of psychosis.

   Now a days teenagers aren't scared of their parents and they love to turn it around on you.   They seem to have this way of making it all your fault. For example I've been told that if I hadn't given them crap in the morning for something they did wrong then they wouldn't have got a shitty mark that day in class.  Are you kidding me?   The nerve!!!

   So let me get this straight.  You left your dishes on the table, I tell you that your old enough to put them away without being told and so you went to school and we're so torn up about this that you failed your test.   Come on now.   Just admit you didnt study hard enough and because of that you got a bad grade! Take some responsibility for your own actions!!! 

   And they walk around huffing and puffing about everything from having to actually take part in responsibilities to taking part in things as a family. And they seem to think everyone owes them something.   Like get real, you are a teenager still and haven't lived life enough to think that the world owes you something..  

   I don't know if it's hormones, society, peers or just this generation but what I do know is that teenagers suck!!!!

  If all teenagers are like mine I am worried for our future lol.   The future generation is filled with soon to be adults that can't take constructive criticism and are heading into adulthood already feeling they are owed for something they haven't worked for.  Yikes!

  Thanks for reading about the sucky teenager and good luck  to all of you that are housing them.   I hope through these years you are able to keep your sanity intact!

   A  REAL Housewife 

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