Wednesday, February 3, 2016


   Ok so only a few days into my blog and I've already reached over 600 views in 6 different countries.  For a housewife to even get a single person to listen on a good day is an accomplishment.  You know exactly what I mean.   Usually the words that come out of my mouth are interrupted with a "mom he did this to me and then a she did it first".  Or better yet, I get an uh huh or an ughhh.  

   So for me to actually know or at least for a split second to think that my words are being heard and not just talked over, I am a happy and proud housewife of myself.   And as a housewife that is a hard thing to do since we are always so busy being proud of our husbands and children. 

   And for that I just want to say thank you to all those reading and please continue to read.  And as long as you are reading I've got wheels up top thinking, listening  and ready to share. 

   A REAL Housewife

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