Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Reasons I chose to be a housewife

   I did not grow up as a little girl dreaming about one day getting married, having a gazillion children and living in a house with rose gardens.  I actually thought girls like that were weird.   Now look at me.

   I chose to be a housewife and stay home with my children first of all because my husband works very hard and we are afforded that privilege.  And second of all I never wanted to not be able to be there for my kids.

    Like when one of my kids calls me from school and isn't feeling great, I never wanted to tell them that I couldn't leave work to come get them.  Also I always wanted to attend their fieldtrips, school functions and all their other activities.

   I feel and hope that when they are all grown up that they look back and see that I never missed a recital, a game or anything else that may be important to them.  And that they realize that all those things were important to me and that I was always there for them.

   I want to be there for their bumps and bruises while learning to walk through life, their ups and downs and in betweens, (and we know there is a ton of those), for their first kiss, their first break up and all those other crazy journeys that childhood leads them on.

   That all being said, I had better sign off for now.  Heading to decorate Ukrainian  eggs with my 8 year old sons class.

  Please comment below.  I'd love to know why you chose to be a housewife.

  A REAL Housewife  


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