Thursday, February 4, 2016

Why even bother Grounding your kids.

   Well let me tell you.  It's not even 9am in my house and my blood is boiling already.  I hadn't even begun to to back up out of my garage this morning to drop the kids off at school when already they began arguing and tattle taleing on each other.

   It started with me telling them that after school they were going to clean up the back of my car because they just kept leaving stuff back there.   I let them know that I wanted all the garbage cleaned out.  Well of course my 6 year old daughter picks up my 8 year old sons piano books and looks at him with a smug face and says to him "yah ALL this garbage."

   Of course he starts yelling at her telling her not to call his stuff garbage.  So I tried to put the flame out but then all I got was a back and forth he said she said response.

   That's it I've had enough and I snapped.   They probably couldn't even understand a damn thing I was screaming at them about.   I told them I had enough and that after school for the next 2 days they were grounded from all tech.  I also let them know if they continued and didn't like this that they knew where the suitcases were.

   Needless to say after all that I had unleashed on them, I did not hear a peep from them the entire drive to school.  When they got out of the car they grabbed their bags gave me a bye mom love you and off they went.

   The whole drive home after this, I began to fester and contemplate  in my own head how well Grounding the kids really is and what does it actually do.

    I don't know if you have ever grounded your kids before but I sure have and It either goes one of two ways.  Either they sit around whining and driving you nuts with "I don't have anything to do"  while you are clearly regretting  Grounding them in the first place or,  they find something else productive to do but it usually involves more of your time that you  barely have so you give in and give them their tech back so you can get back to what you have to do.

   And the outcome  from the Grounding is generally  the same.   It does NOT correct the matter in which they were grounded for.   I have yet to see my kids get grounded for fighting with each other and never fight again.  So really what the hell is the point of Grounding if it does not correct anything, it causes more work for you and just causes other issues.

   I am not sure whoever came up with Grounding in the first place but they should have seriously looked at its affects and outcomes a little closer.  They do not learn anything from it.  Wish me luck, it's going to be a long 2 days of nothing with no end result...

   A REAL Housewife


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